Jewelry Appraisals

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Jewelry Appraisals

We understand that your jewelry is precious to you. 

We can help protect you by providing an official appraisal so you can add individual pieces to your insurance policy in the event of a covered loss. It’s wise to have items appraised every few years since insurance coverage is typically based on current retail replacement cost and gemstones and precious metal fluctuate in price.

Appraisals are most commonly needed to determine insurance replacement value. Thomas can also provide estate valuation and fair market value as well as identify and authenticate a gemstone or piece of jewelry.

Thomas is specially trained to evaluate the quality and monetary value of your pieces. He has been trained to impartially evaluate diamond color, cut, size, and clarity and will be able to provide you with an accurate value for your pieces. Because we love our repeat customers, the first appraisal is $125 but all following are $35.