Pearl Restringing

Love Your Pearls Again

Pearl Restringing

We are partnered with a pearl restringing specialist in Philadelphia, PA; she truly has a passion for restoring broken strands and restringing strands so they are stronger.

We recently had a customer come in whose grandmother passed away, and had left her a strand of pearls. Sadly, the strand was too short around her neck, the clasp was broken, and she was unable to wear them.

She asked if we could send them off and have a few inches of pearls added so she could wear her grandmother’s strand.

Not only were her pearls restrung, and a new clasp added, but our specialist created a matching pearl bracelet in case the customer wanted it.

Our customer left wearing her grandmother’s pearls, and her new bracelet. Pearls are a timeless classic, and we ensure that each strand is professionally handled.