Ring Sizing

In House Sizing Including Finger Fit Shanks





Ring Sizing

Thomas can size most rings. We can size white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver. 

We have customers come in all the time who cannot find someone to size their ring because it is slightly abnormal. Thomas specializes in abnormal. All rings are sized in house with care. 

Thomas does not stretch the rings, he will add the metal needed to increase the size, or cut out metal to decrease the size. Cleaning and polishing is included with every ring sizing. 

One thing Thomas does that sets him apart from other jewelers is attaching Finger Fit shanks. A Finger Fit shank is a piece of metal with a very small hinge that opens up to fit over an arthritic knuckle, and then will close again to fit your finger. Thomas will join that piece with your ring and create a seamless shank customized just for you. We love this solution for people who may have broken a knuckle in the past and cannot wear a ring on that finger, or someone with arthritis whose knuckles have gotten swollen preventing the use traditional rings. 

We recently had a customer who had broken her ring finger, and was heartbroken that she could not wear her wedding set anymore. She came in looking for a solution and we offered the Finger Fit shank. She agreed and was brought to tears when she saw the finished product. After months of not wearing her wedding set, she was able to fit her rings over her knuckle with ease.